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General Activities

While Villa Serenity offers a plenty of activities to keep you thoroughly entertained throughout your stay, there are also numerous local attractions worth exploring. Many of these attractions are located within a convenient half-hour drive from Serenity, allowing you to easily plan and incorporate them into your visit.

Arts and Culture:

Kawartha Settler’s Village
Annual Kawartha Arts Festival – check dates here:
Lock 32 annual events and all scheduled events: check
Globus Theatre – Barn-style live theatre. Offering musicals Comedies and Mysteries
Bobacaygeon Fall Fair – for dates please visit


Graz Restobar – dining and live music. 36-38 Bolton Street, Bobcaygeon -Casual Family Dining/ Lunch / Dinner
72 Bolton Sports Café – 72 Bolton St. – Patio / Sports Bar / Restaurant / Takeout
Caygeon Chicken – 36 King St East, across the LCBO.
Daylight Diner – 80 Bolton Street, Bobcaygeon. – Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner Home cooking  
Godfathers Pizza 89 Bolton Street Bobcaygeon
Bigley’s Sweet Treats – 51 Bolton St.
Bobcaygeon Bakery – 9 King Street East
Che Figata – 53 Bolton St.
The Full Cup Café – 50 Main Street – Small Diner / Breakfast / Lunch / Homemade Daily
Gyros & Pizza – 74 Bolton St.
The Grilled Cheese Hideaway – 33 King Street East – Gourmet Grilled Cheese & Soup / Take-Out / Restaurant
Just for the Halibut – 17 King St. East  – Steak & Seafood Restaurant / Take-Out / Lunch / Dinner
El Patio – 58 Bolton St. – Fully licensed farm to table restaurant / Coffee Shop / Catering
Lakeside Chinese Cuisine – 44 Bolton St. – Chinese Food / Sushi / Restaurant / Take-Out / Catering
Luigi’s Pizza – 32 King St. E.Italian / Pizza / Take-Out / Restaurant
Wheatsheaf Café – 79 Bolton St.  – Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner (Summer)

Parks and Recreation:

Lock 32 Park- Trent Severn – Bobcaygeon’s Lock 32 Park is located in the heart of the village, with green space on either side of the swing bridge. You can relax on a bench and watch the busy Trent Severn Waterway in action.

Boats of all kinds, and plenty of them. And Bobcaygeon is called the Houseboat Capital of Canada for good reason. This park has shady, grassy areas and picnic tables, as well as a washroom provided by TSW. You’re close to shops and restaurants and also to the town’s newest tourist attraction, bikeshare stations where you can rent bikes using an app on your smartphone.

Summer brings free outdoor music concerts every Thursday evening to the pavilion, you just bring your own lawn chair and enjoy. Lock 32 Park is lively in the summer and slows down, but remains a beautiful destination, in every season.

Wilderness Park – biking, hiking, cross country skiing, nature, trails
Gamiing Nature Cantre –

Boat Rental:
Birch Point Marina
Crowes Line Public Beach – walking distance
Bobcaygeon Beach Park – located in Bobcaygeon.

Forbert Memorial Pool & Park  –

River View Park is a bit out of town centre, about 15 min walk from Lock 32.

It has more natural water access with a grassy park area that goes right into the water’s edge.
Tommy Anderson Park – splash pad, playground and sports field.

Wine Testing: Kawartha Country Wines open 365 days in the year
Lazy River: take in your own risk.
Bait & Tackle: Smith&Son Bait & Tackle – live bait, fishing licence rods, reels. 3211 Hwy 36, South Bobcaygeon

Farmers Markets:
Bobcaygeon Farmers Market – Saturdays May to October 47 Mansfield Street Bobcaygeon
Fenelon Falls Farmers Market – Fridays May to Thanksgiving – corner of Bond St and John St in Fenelon Falls ON
Kinmount Farmers Market – Saturdays May to October ay the Austin Sawmill ark on Victory County Rail Trail


Summer is that magical time of year the whole family dreams about during the long, cold winter days. It’s a season of warm, bright, sunny days followed by starlit nights cooled by gentle breezes from the lake. It’s a time to re-connect with family and friends, creating memories that last a lifetime.

Imagine savoring a mouthwatering BBQ on the deck while enjoying your favorite beverage, surrounded by the serene beauty of nature. Picture yourself on slow, lazy days, basking in the sun’s gentle caress, lounging poolside with a good book in hand, and dipping your toes into the refreshing water.

Summer at the cottage offers almost endless possibilities for adventure and exploration. Whether you’re into water sports, hiking, or simply strolling through the lush woods, there’s something for everyone. It’s a time to embrace new experiences and create stories you’ll share for years to come.

So, as summer approaches, get ready to make the most of prime time at the cottage. It’s a season filled with warmth, laughter, and the pure joy of being in the great Kawartha Lakes outdoors. Welcome the sun, the lake, and the endless adventures that await. Summer is here, and it’s time to soak it all in.

Canoe / Kayak / Paddle Boarding / Windsurfing

Take one of Villa Serenity’s inflatable kayaks or stand-up paddleboards out onto beautiful Pigeon Lake. There are many miles of shoreline to explore and plenty of nature to witness.


Whether you’re an enthusiast looking for a marathon 40-mile road trip, someone seeking a tranquil pedal along a winding country road, or a cyclist eager to embrace the challenge of a cross-country trail, Villa Serenity caters to riders of all preferences. Our picturesque location connects you to charming villages, lightly trafficked farm-to-market back roads, and an array of cycling options that suit every rider’s taste.

During your journey, consider taking a leisurely break to explore a welcoming country inn, a cozy bed and breakfast, or a pristine lakeside campground. These opportunities for rest and refreshment will enhance your overall cycling adventure, making it a truly unforgettable experience.

Also, check out this link:

Beach & Swimming

Pigeon Lake is a freshwater lake that you can jump in an cool off during the hot summer months. Villa Serenity offers a great opportunity for you to down the public Crowes Line Beach just 500m down the road, equipped with portable washroom, picnic table, canoe and kayak launch and garbage bins.


Bring your boat with you and explore all the fishing our interconnected lakes offer.Pigeon Lake is found between the City of Kawartha Lakes and Peterborough and receives water from Sturgeon Lake, Nogies Creek, Pigeon River, Big Bald and Little Bald lakes, and other smaller tributaries. Water exits through Gannons Narrows on the east side of the lake, flowing into Buckhorn Lake. Pigeon Lake is the location to catch that big one you have always been dreaming about.  Muskie, large and small mouth bass, pickerel (walleye), and panfish are all available in Pigeon Lake.  Whether you are an experienced angler or new to the sport, you are sure to have fun fishing in the Kawarthas.

You can explore the lakes yourself and find your own special spot for the really big one, or, if immediate results are your preference, check here:


There are a number of golf courses within a short drive of Villa Serenity each offering different levels of challenge.  From the beautiful scenery of our local 9 hole Sheffiled Greens Golf Course along the North shore of Pigeon Lake, to the more challenging Dunsford Golf Club or Six Foot Bay, there is a course for every golfer, as well as Byrnell Golf club.

Water Sports: Waterskiing, Wakeboarding & Tubing

Bring your power boat or rent one from one of the marinas on the lake and experience hours of excitement waterskiing, wakeboarding, and tubing. The size, water quality and relative quiet of Pigeon Lake make it the ideal location for enjoying your summer on the water. The larger part of the lake is ideal for wakeboarding and tubing allowing for miles of uninterrupted fun. For its size, Pigeon Kale has relatively little boat traffic and offers the perfect playground for all your watersports.


Embracing relaxation is a summer pastime that often goes unnoticed. Sometimes, there’s nothing quite like doing nothing at all, connecting with nature, immersing yourself in a captivating book for hours, or simply be outdoors, savoring the tranquil flow of the world around you.

At Villa Serenity, you’ll discover that the serene beauty of your surroundings provides the perfect backdrop for any of these leisurely pursuits. So, go ahead and indulge in the art of relaxation. It’s a summer pleasure waiting to be savored.


At Villa Serenity, we hold a special appreciation for all four seasons, but if we were to confess, Fall holds a cherished place in our hearts. While for most, Labour Day signifies the end of vacation season and the bittersweet farewell to summer, it carries a different sentiment at Villa Serenity.

Here, Labour Day marks the dawn of a whole new world. It’s the time when the air takes on a refreshing crispness, the skies seem even bluer, and the forest transforms into a breathtaking tapestry of colors that defy description unless witnessed firsthand. As children return to school and the long, lazy days by the lake drift into memory, we welcome the vibrant beauty of autumn with open arms. Fall truly is our “favorite child.”

Autumn gracefully enters the scene, bringing with it the allure of cozy sweaters and evenings spent by the crackling campfire. It’s a time for unhurried strolls through the woods, free from the bustling company of buzzing insects. Fall carries a serene, unhurried rhythm, while also presenting the charm of small-town fall fairs and local harvest festivals.

For us, Autumn isn’t merely Summer’s quieter counterpart; it’s the seasoned and more mature older sibling in the family of seasons. This time of year still offers a wealth of activities waiting to be relished. We extend a heartfelt invitation to join us at Villa Serenity and savor all that this splendid season has in store.


Undoubtedly, one of the most breathtaking natural spectacles occurs each fall. Nestled amidst vast expanses of hardwood forests, Villa Serenity undergoes a remarkable transformation. During this season, the lush greenery gives way to a mesmerizing symphony of colors—shades of yellow, red, orange, and purple paint a vivid canvas in every direction.

During this enchanting period, you can still embark on boat journeys across our interconnected lakes, where you’ll witness the changing hues gracefully adorning the shoreline. Our preferred way to immerse oneself in this season’s beauty is by embarking on a leisurely hike. Numerous ways to Explore the Kawarthas by hiking, and trails supported by The Ontario Trails Council await, promising a spectacular journey through the ever-changing colors of fall.


While you can enjoy a campfire year-round, it’s as if fall was tailor-made for this cozy tradition. Summer often comes with the looming threat of drought and fire bans, not to mention the sweltering heat and persistent insects that seem to swarm just when you settle by the fire.

Winter, too, offers the warmth of a campfire, but let’s be honest, even with a hearty blaze, the chill can linger. Spring has its charm, but early on, it tends to be damp and buggy.

Now, let’s talk about fall. During this season, the bugs bid their farewell, leaving behind crisp but not chilly air. A crackling campfire is the perfect companion, casting a warm and inviting glow. There’s truly no experience quite like gathering around a roaring campfire on a brisk autumn evening, cupping a steaming hot beverage in your hands, and gazing up at the endless expanse of stars overhead.


Whether you’re an avid hunter or a camera enthusiast, the region surrounding Villa Serenity is a treasure trove of diverse wildlife species. Venture into the woods around Villa Serenity, and you’ll discover a rich tapestry of creatures, from moose and deerto blue jays, fox and an array of other animals.

Our fortunate guests have been privileged to spot moose, deer, foxes, pine martens, minks, ospreys, warblers, great blue herons and bald eagles, wild turkeys, pheasants, quails, and numerous other animals, all within a mere 5-minute radius of Villa Serenity.

For those interested in hunting, we encourage you to review the hunting season dates for our area by visiting this link. It’s an opportunity to immerse yourself in the captivating world of wildlife that surrounds us.


Winter Wonderland at Villa Serenity

At Villa Serenity, we’re passionate about winter, and we believe it’s a season too often overlooked, especially in the cottage setting. Winter is brimming with activities just as thrilling as those in the summertime, and there’s something truly enchanting about the holiday season by the warmth of a crackling fire while snowflakes gently blanket the landscape.

Recalling our own childhood winters, we cherish memories of holidays filled with the promise of snow—exciting days of sliding, skating, sledding, building snowmen, and crafting snow forts. Unfortunately, many cities nowadays rarely see substantial winter snowfall, and when it does happen, it often brings with it the headaches of shoveling, traffic woes, and slushy streets.

So, why not escape the dreary, gray streets of the city in winter and trade them for the pristine, snow-covered countryside? Come stay with us at Villa Serenity and rediscover the wonder of the winter season. Indulge in the ultimate winter retreat with our private, heated, saltwater indoor pool, where you can enjoy the perfect blend of relaxation and warmth. Typically, our first snowfall arrives in November, and we can nearly guarantee you’ll have a “white Christmas.” Whether you’re reuniting with family over the holiday season or planning a mid-winter getaway, you’re sure to be delighted by all the activities the area has to offer.

Cross Country Skiing and Snowshoeing

Cross country skiing and snowshoeing reign as two of the most beloved activities in Ontario’s cottage country, and at Villa Serenity, you’re in for a winter wonderland. For most part, Pigeon Lake and its surrounding waterways freeze over, unveiling endless miles of cross country skiing and snowshoeing right at our doorstep.

For those who prefer well-groomed cross country ski trails, a scenic 30-minute drive to Kawartha Nordic Ski Clubawaits. With over 45 kilometers of trails offering various levels of difficulty, there’s something to suit every taste – classic cross-country skiing and rentals, 27 km skate skiing, 9 kn snowshoeing, 2 km night skiing.

If you’re in search of more trail opportunities for your snowshoeing or cross country skiing escapades, you can find more information here.


Explore the Thrills of Snowmobiling in Kawartha Lakes – Unleash your sense of adventure and experience the thrill of snowmobiling in the picturesque landscapes of Kawartha Lakes. With a sprawling network of 166 kilometers of meticulously groomed routes, you’re guaranteed an exhilarating ride through enchanting trails adorned with snow-draped pines and majestic maples.

You can connect with the Kawartha Lakes Snowmobile Club at

The sheer multitude of trails beckons you to stay for more than just a day. Extend your visit into a weekend getaway or embark on a mid-week escape, and fully immerse yourself in the wintery wonderland of Kawartha Lakes.

Please note that trail users must possess a valid permit, license, and insurance. For comprehensive information on snowmobiling in Kawartha Lakes, permit acquisition details, and real-time updates on trail conditions, we recommend visiting the websites of our esteemed snowmobile partners, or check here for more reference.


It is end of January, when the lake boasts ice over two feet thick and the outdoor thermometer reads a chilling -30 degrees Celsius, the allure of ice fishing remains undeniable. For both the seasoned angler and those yet to dabble in the art of dropping a line through a hole in the ice, there’s a unique charm in huddling inside your cozy hut with family or friends, eagerly awaiting that telltale tug on the line.

Why not pay us a visit at Villa Serenity and experience the joys of ice fishing for yourself? And of course, after a day on the ice, indulge in the ultimate winter retreat with our private, heated, saltwater indoor pool, where you can enjoy the perfect blend of relaxation and warmth.


Villa Serenity is the perfect venue for your Holiday Season family gathering. Enjoy the warmth and luxury of our accommodations while spending quality time with loved ones. Cozy up with a good book by the fireplace in the Great Room, or simply reconnect with friends and family while observing the gentle snowfall outside.

On those chilly, snow-covered days when indoor activities beckon, grab your favorite drink, and head to the rec room for a leisurely afternoon of games – billiards, chess, backgammon, poker, craps…… For a more interactive experience, bring your favorite games and make the most of the Xbox One game console, or binge favorite shows on the smart TVs.


Celebrate Spring at Villa Serenity

A springtime escape to Villa Serenity beckons with a world of outdoor adventures. As winter’s icy grasp loosens its hold on the landscape, the lakes awaken, and the forests come alive with early signs of nature’s rebirth. Join us this spring and bid farewell to the long, cold winter by embracing the array of activities that this change in season has to offer.

Maple Syrup Seasonal Delights

In the months of March and April, as warmer days and cool nights set in, the maple sap begins to flow, inviting you to embark on a sweet journey to the sugar bush. Nestled in the heart of maple syrup country, Villa Serenity is surrounded by vast hardwood forests that yield some of Ontario’s finest maple syrup. It’s the perfect time for family fun, as maple syrup festivals, pancake barns, and sugar bush tours are essential activities during April.

Don’t miss out on this cherished Canadian rite of spring! Gather your family for a day trip and explore the enchanting sugar bushes and charming sugar shacks that dot the area or join us at one of the annual maple syrup festivals to savor this delightful seasonal tradition.

Find directions and dates here.