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Address: 166 Crowes Line Rd, Bobcaygeon,
ON K0M 1A0, Canada


Will linens/towels be provided?
Yes, we provide all bedding, pillows, linens, bath towels and tea towels. For exterior use (sunbathing on the deck or at the beach), we ask that you bring your own beach towels.
Will we need to bring dishes and cutlery?
No we provide everything you need in the kitchen including several consumables consistent with normal use such as: dish washer detergent, dish soap, garbage bags, paper towels, toilet paper, etc. Villa Serenity has a large and very well stocked kitchen and pantry, and you will find numerous place settings, glassware (including wine glasses), and serving dishes.
Is there a shallow end of the pool for young children to swim in?
The pool maintains a consistent depth of 4 feet. We encourage gentle swimming and advise against jumping, diving, or engaging in vigorous play, as it is designed for leisure and relaxation.
Should we bring our food up with us or buy it up there?
There are grocery stores in Bobcaygeon, Buchhorn, Lindsay and Peterborough. Independent in Bobcaygeon is particularly well stocked with most things you’d find at home. However, if there is a particular brand or food that you can’t do without, we recommend that you bring that with you. With the increased popularity of this area as a vacation destination, we have seen an incredible expansion in the choices available, but also prices not as competitive as in the city.
What's the maximum number of people you can accommodate?
Unless otherwise agreed to, we try and limit the number of overnight guests to the bedrooms and beds available. We recommend no more than 16 overnight guests where no more than 10 would be adults. Please see the Accommodations page of the website for more information.
How private is it?
Villa Serenity is extremely private and sits on 5 acres of hardwood forest, with neighbors only on one side of the villa. Also, Villa Serenity is the last residence on the road before you reach the public Crowes Ln Beach. After the bridge, there is another area with cottages.
Do you have a washer and dryer?
Yes. Although we supply a reasonable amount of detergent and fabric softener for our guest’s convenience, we strongly recommend you bring your own as sometimes we cannot predict usage.
Can we bring our pet?
Villa Serenity has a no pets policy.
Can we smoke in the cottage?
No, we request that smokers (vape, Iqos) move outside to indulge. Also, we request that guests help us keep the property clean and remove all refuse from smoking.
How is the garbage disposed of?
You will be provided with a municipal “Cottage Kit” with information of how to dispose of the garbage and recycling. For 2-3 nights visit, we supply 1 kit, for 7 nights, we supply 2 kits. Please note the provision is limited, so any excess garbage or recycling should be taken back with you. Unfortunately, the municipality of Trent lakes does not provide collection. In case the garbage is not taken care of properly, $200 will be deducted from your security deposit to call a private provider to dispose of it.
Do we have to clean up?
We expect that you will leave the house and property in good condition and tidied up (sweep clean, remove all garbage), and that you will treat it with respect during your stay. We have a service staff that professionally cleans the cottage between stays, but we expect that the cottage is left neat with no movement of furniture or other amenities.
Is the water safe to drink?
The water in our cottage comes from a 250’ drilled well and is subsequently filtered by a filtration system.
Are there phones or internet access?
There is no telephone service available at the cottage. There is Starlink wireless internet provided for your convenience. Please see our policies on usage and for password access.