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Boost productivity, creativity, and impact with a corporate retreat

Boost productivity, creativity, and impact with a corporate retreat

WOW Your group on your next team building corporate retreat and make Kawartha Lakes your destination!

It’s no secret that inspired teams create great work. Inspiration drives ambition, collaboration, and innovation. So how can we inspire our teams? How can we engage them in new ways, allowing them to consider new perspectives? How to enhance productivity while creating a memorable and rewarding experience?

Disconnect from Everyday Life to Connect Your Team

The right location for a business retreat will vary depending on its purpose. Some retreats emphasize team building and collaboration while others are for deep-dive planning sessions, or even a rebranding strategy. And all these retreats typically include some time dedicated to relaxing and treating the team as well. Whatever its intended purpose, your business retreat should resonate for your team long after you’ve all returned to the office.

So where do we find inspiration? The good news is that we don’t have to travel very far. Where to go for a change of pace, a new view and a breath of fresh air in a relaxing environment so we can switch off our anxious crocodile brain.

If you’re still wondering where you can find the perfect combination of relaxing, spacious, and adventurous… just think back to the last time you gazed at the brilliance of the stars far away from the city, or sat dockside watching a sherbert sunset melting into the horizon. There is something innate about being out in nature that grounds us while simultaneously filling us up with excitement and adventure.

Villa Serenity for your next Corporate Retreat

Villa Serenity has been providing stunning unique venues for team building corporate & business retreats in Kawartha Lakes, Ontario just 2 hours East of Toronto. The best part about Villa Serenity is we can provide this incredible natural experience with the accommodations of a five star hotel.

Removing your team from a standard conference room environment encourages more creativity in brainstorming, providing a fresh perspective for important discussions that require innovative solutions. Not to mention, the abundant natural light, modern designs and beautiful décor found at Villa Serenity makes the working hours much more enjoyable than they would be in a stuffy boardroom.

But not only are people generally happier out in nature, it’s also the perfect setting to host a team building corporate retreat because it boosts productivity. The fresh air enhances cognitive function and allows for clearer thinking.

Retreating away from the city also reduces potential for interruptions and noisy distractions. Then at the end of the day your team can wind down with quality time spent chatting by the fireplace, laughing the night away with some nightcaps around the massive kitchen island, or simply retreating to their cozy bed for a rejuvenating night of R&R.

Views from Corporate Retreat & Business Team Leaders

Collin Southers, a Regional Manager at AGM Inc. expressed how well her team was taken care of during the corporate retreats they’ve hosted at Villa Serenity. He was impressed by the professionalism and comfort they repeatedly experienced, from the availability of meeting supplies for their strategy sessions, to the more subtle touches of beautiful décor in each room, toiletries in the bathrooms, and a personalized note welcoming them upon their arrival.

In addition, Villa Serenity is happy to cater retreats as little or as much as requested so that your team can focus on the purpose of your trip – not the challenge of feeding your tribe. If rewards are important you can even treat your team with in-house massages for the ultimate appreciation gift. There are infinite opportunities to personalize your corporate retreat experience for your team’s unique preferences and needs, and lucky for you it’s much more budget-friendly than you’d find at a hotel downtown.

Martin Williams,  a CEO of Wellness for Life, says he won’t ever forget how impactful his Villa Serenity team building corporate retreats were for his team. When asked why he chose Villa Serenity over anywhere else, he explained, “My people were important to me and I wanted to give them a chance to love what they do.”  Rather than dressing up to meet in a conference room five days in a row, they could spend their mid-day breaks walking the trails as a group or simply find a cozy nook to read. Most importantly, the experience lasted. He said Villa Serenity made the work easy. Every evening they’d say, “Wow that was a great day. Look at all we accomplished.” It was hard to leave, and they still talk about it to this day.

5-star Luxury at any Budget

For many companies it seems a primary hesitation around hosting business retreats in a beautiful natural setting is the false assumption that you have to sacrifice either comfort or budget in order to find the perfect location.  Villa Serenity understood there weren’t any options close to home that offered both the comfort and luxury of a five-star hotel with the peace and serenity of a lakeside property. That was the niche Villa Serenity set out to fill when designing the space. Combine that with the attentive customer service and customizable packages and see by the reviews that it lives up to the promise.